8 of my triathlon training essentials

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

It’s becoming more and more popular, but triathlon is still a “fringe sport.” For that reason I’m asked often what sorts of products I use regularly in training. I thought I’d list a few today – outside of running shoes and bike stuff.

Here are a few “must have” products for me during my training and racing season.

1. GU Nutrition products – I’ve used just about every brand of nutrition out there at this point, but I know I can always rely on GU to sit well with my stomach and provide the energy / recovery that I need. My favorites: GU Peanut Butter gel, Roctane gels (Cherry Lime and Chocolate Rasberry are my favorites), Orange Pineapple recovery BREW, Lemon flavored CHOMPS, and Grape Roctane Ultra drink mix. I use the gels both on the bike and the run, the Roctane Ultra on the bike, Lemon Chomps on the bike, and the recovery Brew after hard workouts.


2. SkinStrong SLATHER and sunscreens – Training for long course racing means lots of hours and miles on the bike. You’ve seen bike saddles, right? It can be a long day sitting on one of those while pumping your legs up and down. Friction! SLATHER keeps me comfortable and free from saddle sores. Their line of sunscreens protects my skin from the sun.


3. Swiftwick Twelves – The best compression socks on the market. Period. I wear these all the time: on the bike (tri-dork points!), on long runs, for recovery, and yes – to the office. Love them.


4. Extra Dessert Delights gum – I may actually be addicted to this stuff. This gum serves me in couple of ways: It keeps me from overeating or going for “real” dessert after meals (light is fast) and it actually seems to help me focus during long workouts by keeping my mind off of the pain. Strange, but true. Can’t live without the mint-chocolate chip flavor.


5. Gold Bond Medicated extra strength body lotion – Two uses: It moisturizes my skin better than any other product I’ve ever used after swimming and the nasty drying effect of chlorine. And in the winter it serves as a nice tingly base layer on my skin for cold days on the bike. I always have two bottles – one in my tri bag and one on the bathroom counter.


6. Road ID – This is one of the most important things I put on before any road workout. Should anything happen to me out there the ID identifies who I am and who to contact in case of emergency. This information saves peoples lives.You can customize them with a message as well. Mine have all three of your names. “My motivation.”


7. BASE salt and amino – I use a bottle of BASE amino with a scoop of BASE salt during my early morning swim workouts. It wakes me up and gives me mental clarity throughout the day. I sometimes mix the salt in with my drink mixes on the bike as well on hot training or racing days.


8. Odwalla Green Super Food – I need all of nutrition/vitamins/and minerals I can get from fruits and vegetables. When I’m too lazy to juice my own I turn to this drink to keep me going. I’m convinced it’s a big reason why I was able to kick pancreatitis as well. I essentially did a juice fast with this stuff. Gives a big boost of energy as well from the B vitamins. Must have it!


There you have it. A somewhat odd, but honest list of things I use everyday while training and racing.

I love you,

– Daddy