Karen, she’s the silver sun


Dear Karen,

Happy 14th anniversary. Last year I wrote this for you. It’s been another crazy year. Some people only remember the good in their lives. Some people only dwell on the bad. But each day with you reminds me that it’s all part of the journey we’re on together. Where we started. Where we’ve been. I still smile when I think about where we’re going.

Each day I’m more grateful that you’re raising Izzy, Max, and Kate. I’m grateful that you still believe in and put up with the dreamer that you married.

This year I wrote this little thing for you. I love you.


Karen she’s the silver sun

14 years of challenges and victories and chaos and sweet peaceful silver suns

always calling me back

We sat on the roof looking over Bohicket Creek one night

listening to the wind in the mast riggings

smelling the Carolina evening breezes across the island

pine needles, salt, and palmettos, spanish moss clinging

That first year still feels like yesterday

but, there’s been so much more

Today I’m thinking about it all

I still remember dark island nights

the heat blowing inland as the waves crashed on the seawall.

Karen watching for hours for dolphin

And we breathed deep, taking it all in, having no idea

what was ahead for us – 14 years, 3 kids, a life far from the ocean, a whole big wonderful mess.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe it was us back then.

But our first dance is still happening in my heart and mind,

back when we knew where we were going

and it’s in the eyes of our children now.

The promises of our first date and the promises of the year on the island.

Our front porch swing there someday.

And grandkids. And crazy stories we’ll tell about our life together.

Two adventurers like rudderless ships through life.

The breezes still blow across the island.

I’m still there. As long as

Karen, she’s always the silver sun.


I love you,

– Chad

Our first dance was….