Rudy Project Gozen sunglasses review


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I now own 3 pair of Rudy Project sunglasses. Yes, they’re that good.

Along with my Zyon sailing and Noyz glasses I was lucky to also get my hands on a pair of Rudy Project Gozen recently. Each pair is different and great in its own way. And all three share the same top of the line Rudy Project quality that I’ve enjoyed since I got my first pair over 10 years ago.


the Rudy Project Gozen sport sunglass is the ultimate in comfort and wrap around style that’s loaded with all the features you need to perform at your peak! Featuring our NEW Flip Change interchangeable lens technology and other staples in the Rudy Project sport line such as adjustable temple tips and hidden safety hinges as well as loads of lens colors and materials to enable you to match any atmospheric conditions!

The product comes in 6 colors. I selected the Gozen in “Frozen Ash/Multi-laser Red”. How awesome does that sound? FROZEN ASH. And LASERS!

photo (3)photo (4)

That’s how it feels to wear the Gozen in that style. Hype much? Well, a little, but they ARE great sunglasses. The Multi-laser red lenses offer a 21% light transmission making them great for all conditions. I’ve trained in mine on sunny days and in the rain and snow. I found that these lenses were great for both.

photo (5)photo (6)

While I love all of my Rudy’s, and each pair has it’s unique purpose for me, I think the Gozens feel the lightest while wearing. They weigh 1 oz.

Here’s the big question with sunglasses: Do they look awesome/cool/tough? Yep.

future Kona winner Izzy Nikazy looking tough as nails and sweet as honey in the Gozen.

future Kona winner Izzy Nikazy looking tough as nails and sweet as honey in the Gozen.

Another great pair of glasses from Rudy!

I love you kids (don’t touch my Rudys!)

– Daddy

For more on additional products from Rudy Project visit their website here.

* I was given this product for purposes of this review. However, my opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review. is sponsored by Rudy Project NA