Handprints: how time passes


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Yesterday I held you,

tired from fighting

frail after the struggle

a crackling of machines.

Warm from your mother’s womb

Softness of God

nestling against my chest and arms.

I would like to remember crying tears of joy, perhaps even tears of pain

but I don’t remember – back then.


Tiny fingers and toes.

Lights and tubes.

I remember my chest hurting then. Often. Big sister kissing your heads.


Become 4 years.

And I know tears now.

I didn’t cry then.

But occasionally, now, I do. At the passage of time. The Joy I know.

And the search for happiness. Resting against my shoulder each evening.

Afternoon fades to the warm light of evening in our home.

Yesterday becomes today

and between

you’ve grown and true joy is indescribable.

I love you,

– Daddy


Sat: Rode 4 hours / Ran 2 miles BRICK

Sun: Ran 14 miles

Mon: none

Tues: Swam 1600 / Ran 5 miles