My favorite time of day


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate

We’re having a blast on vacation. Each day is filled with hours on the beach, trips to the pool, sandcastles, boogie boarding, and holes dug to “all the way to China.”

I’ve been starting each day with a run so that I can stay on track for my 140.6 in September. But I’ve kept the runs short, so that I can get back to the house early. I fix a cup of coffee and sit on the deck with Nana and listen to the waves rolling against the shore. That old familiar sound.

The ocean is full of wildlife this week – more than we’ve ever seen in Seagrove. Seabrook, SC is always wild, but Seagrove, FL is usually more tame with only the occasional dolphin. This week you’ve swam side by side with rays and sea turtles, Izzy. It makes me nervous, but there’s no stopping you. You have spent most of our week in the water, while the rest of us need breaks on the beach or at the pool. We also saw what someone said was a manatee in the water (I realize it would be off course here).





We haven’t wasted a minute.

But despite the fun day time activities I think my favorite time of day is when that heavy exhaustion of a day well spent sets in on you kids each evening. The sleepy eyes clinging to the day. Sun kissed cheeks resting against the pillows of the couch, and gradually you scoot closer to me, wrap around me, and drift into a peaceful sleep. Visions of a beautiful day slowly pulling you into dreams of tomorrow.


I love those moments on the couch with you, after the sun has gone down, the best.

I love you,

– Daddy