Life in the mixing bowl

IMG_0066 (1)

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Sometimes you have to go at the mixing bowl with reckless abandon.

No time for keeping things clean.

Making sure the time is right. The oven is the right temperature.

Planning. Watching the timer. Waiting on the cake.

Being patient. Staying clean.

But doing things just the right way isn’t always the only way.

Sometimes you dive right in – head first. Sometimes going for it tastes better than waiting.

Sometimes the results are delicious. And you never know until you dig in.


I love you,

– Daddy

TRAINING: (getting back into formal training this week. Suffering with allergies, so I’ve been limited a bit)

Sun: Rode 26 miles

Mon: Rode 36 miles

Tues: Swam 2000 / Planning ride or run