A summer morning’s walk


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We walked down to the creek yesterday morning. 

You asked to take your shoes off and walk in the shallow parts.

I sat and watched from the grassy bank. 

You moved carefully at first. 

Watching each step on the rocky bottom.

I joined you.

The piercing of the morning sun peeking through the trees

on the water’s surface.

Reflections like diamonds sliding around our ankles and over our feet.

You asked if you could take your shirt off, Max.

Then if you could get your shorts wet.

“You won’t put me in trouble?” you asked.

“No, boy,” I replied. “Have fun. Be careful on the slippery rocks. Don’t go to the deep part.”

Not far from home, you three enjoyed the moment.

The coolness of the creek water and shade of the trees.

A summer morning’s walk to start the day.

More living in the moment, where we are.

Not wishing for anything different.

I love you,



Sunday: Rode 2 hours

Monday: Rode 1 hour

Tues: Swam 1500 / Ran 3 miles