How life should feel


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We’re at the beach again this week. We visit the beach twice each year. It’s important to us; a way to connect. A reset for the heart and mind.

Every trip, when we get close, I roll the windows down, turn up Jimmy Buffett, and we take in the change in latitude. The smell. The way the salt air feels.

Mommy took this picture of you on Saturday, Kate. We were only a couple of miles from the beach house.

This is how life should feel.

Not just a mile from the beach house. But everyday.

Unabashed enthusiasm and excitement.

The anticipation of everything that’s good. Despite life’s struggles there’s always a breeze to feel in your hair, a sandy shore, and memories to share. In the last couple of years God has taught me that you can find this moment in every day; if you listen closely enough.

I’m lucky to have found this moment in you, in Mommy, and in my work. And yes, at the beach.

I love you,

– Daddy


Thurs: Swam 2000 / Biked 20 miles

Fri: Swam 1500

Sat: travelled

Sun: played on the beach

Mon: Ran 30 minutes