Seagrove August 2013


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We walked on the beach in the dark.

I put my feet in the water and looked across the black water.

It rose against the horizon, the moon illuminating the difference

between sea and sky.

It rolled against the sand, curling around my ankles.

I considered the unknown that was within my darkened view

and I shuddered at the thought of being out there

among the waves

in the deepest dark


You ran in the distance with your flashlights and buckets.


You laughed and screamed with excitement as you caught ghost crabs from the shallow water

and sand crabs with your bare hands.

I took a picture of your capture.

But the image disappeared.

At first we were all disappointed that the moment had been lost.

No recorded memory of the adventure to show that it really happened.

As we walked back up the boardwalk I listened more closely

to the dark sea still rolling.

The voice of God thundering over the water.

And the whole thing, the fear of the deep, the joy of the evening on the beach,

was made permanent in my heart.

The picture taken and saved.

Always remember how I loved our visits to the beach. How it called me back

to listen for that Voice and to be reborn in it’s depth.

I love you,

– Daddy

More photos from our trip:






I ran a few times on vacation.

Sunday: Rode 32 miles / Ran 2 miles BRICK

Monday: Swam 1500