Tales from the dinner table: Volume 4: We break things


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

It was just the three of us at home last night, Max and Kate. Mommy was teaching swimming lessons and Izzy was at church with a friend. I worked in the kitchen putting the dinner on the table that Mommy prepared before leaving. You two played in the living room out of my view.

Max: “Kate, If you touch my booboo I’ll ankle you up and put you in a cradle!”


Kate: “No!!!! If you break my lego house I’ll bust your lip and poop on it!”

[Max’s monster roar. more laughter. a loud crash. silence.]

Kate: “Daddy!!!!! Maxie is gonna poop on me!!!”

[more laughter]

I just ignored such usual background noise and continued with what I was doing. 

Just last night you pretty much summed it up for me, Kate. While laying in bed watching me try scratched DVD after scratched DVD in your bedroom TV you said:

“We’re twins. We break things.”  Flat expression. Matter of fact.

Ain’t it the truth.

I love you anyway,

– Daddy