Fall memories and delaying the endless pursuit of perfection

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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We made an entire week out of celebrating your 5th birthday Max and Kate. Sunday we invited family and a few friends to come and play at Ring Farm near our house. Everyone had a great time. Here are some memories:

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The farm has several big slides, a corn maze, and lots of things to climb on and play in.  The “hayride” through the spooky forest was the big hit though:

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I’ve taken some time off from training again for the last week. Considering I had just gotten back into it, it seems an odd time to take still more time off.

But I haven’t felt well of late. The stomach issues that bothered me back in the early spring seem to have resurfaced.

I know that soon I’ll be out in the cold wind again, drifting slowly past frozen hills and valleys at 15mph on my bike. 22mph will feel a lifetime ago and an impossible dream. But by spring I’ll be there and ready to race again. Part of me will wish I had taken more time to really rest and enjoy long hours with you kids when I’m not exhausted from the grind of training.

So, I took another week off.

I’m beginning to look at next triathlon season; contemplating how far the sport has brought me in 10+ years and how far there still is to go. At 39 I still feel like I haven’t had the perfect year where it all comes together. Speed, endurance, nutrition and rest. The endless pursuit will pull me back into the wind where I’ll continue to search.

For now though, it’s slides and hayrides. Doc McStuffins, Gypseys, and Ironman (the Tony Stark kind not the Dave Scott kind).


I love you,

– Daddy