Mizuno Wave Sayonara review

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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’ve become a big fan of Mizuno running in the last couple of years. My introduction was in the more traditional Wave Rider 16 and then I went to the the zero drop Wave Evo Cursoris and the Wave Evo Levitas.

I’ve enjoyed all three shoes, but have used them for very different sorts of runs. Typically I’ve used the Wave Riders for longer or slower runs, while I’ve used the Cursoris and the Levitas for faster running (and some long runs too).

Recently I was given the chance to try out the new Wave Sayonara – a shoe that bridges the gap between the traditional feel of the Rider and the zero drop close to the ground Cursoris and Levitas.

Having become somewhat of a zero drop convert I was happy that the Sayonara wasn’t  stacked too high (still just a scant 8.7 mm).  The Sayonara promised a light weight racer feel with the cushion  a trainer. 

Here’s how Mizuno describes the Sayonara:

The Wave Sayonara is for runners looking for the benefits of extremely lightweight design. With the high performance feel of our Wave technology, it’s ideal on race day or for fast training.

First, the obvious: this shoe looks awesome! It’s design and stitching is intricate and clearly sets it apart as one of the best looking shoes in my large collection.

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The upper is a bit stiff, but loosens up and provides great stability. 

Mizuno’s patented Wave technology provides the usual perfect ride. 

The Sayonara is relatively light weighing 8.1 oz. (Wave Rider 16 – 9.9oz, Wave Evo Cursoris – 7oz, Levitas – 6oz).

I found them to be a shoe I can train fast and/or race in.

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More from Mizunousa.com:


  • Light, low to the ground, versatile–the Wave Sayonara makes everyday a Go Fast day.
  • U4ic midsole provides resiliency and a smooth ride at a fraction of the weight of traditional midsoles.
  • G3 SOLE has lightweight, superior traction, creating a pure connection to the ground.
  • Upper design provides exceptional forefoot hold and assurance at toe-off.

Mizuno’s new U4ic (euphoric) midsole cushioning is smooth as advertised. It’s a bit less cushiony than previous Mizuno models int the same category, but that’s due to their simply being less of the U4ic foam overall in the shoe (light weight). 

The Sayonara has been a great shoe for uptempo workouts of around 5 miles. It offers the race feel that neutral runners crave, but also enough cushion and guidance for those needing more support. 

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Overall, it’s a good choice for someone seeking an “all around” shoe or perhaps those thinking about an eventual conversion to zero drop. The Sayonara is suitable for both training and racing.


– Daddy

* I was given this product for purposes of this review; however, I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. My opinions are my own.