Newton BOCO AT review (just in time for Christmas)


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

What’s red, green, and awesome all over?

The Grinch?


Yes, that’s true. But in the this case I mean…

The Newton BOCO AT trail shoe.

photo 3

I love Boulder, Colorado. I love trails. And I love Newton.

I’ve owned two pair of Newton’s over the last couple of years: The Motion and the Terra Momentum. I was lucky to get the opportunity to review the brand new Newton BOCO AT (Boulder Colorado All Terrain).

When I opened the box the first thing Mommy said was “just in time for Christmas, Grinch shoes!”

I’m a sucker for bright eye catching shoes (a trend Newton brought back to the market). Mommy is right, the BOCO AT reminds me of the Grinch. And they look awesome! Like a kick-butt Christmas tree. Or the Grinch himself ready to eat up the miles.


Born in Boulder, Colorado, the BOCO AT brings you a piece of the Colorado  Mountains wherever your run takes you. The light and level 3mm drop, and multi-directional lugs, will keep you rocking out on even the rockiest of trails. While the landscape may change, the familiar Newton feeling remains the same. Rain, snow, hail and spilled coffee are no match for the durable all-weather upper. It is time to take your Newtons over the river and through the woods.

The BOCO AT is designed for trails, but I have used them for both technical trail running and significant road miles. I love shoes that transition from dirt to pavement easily and the BOCO AT does that without the clunkiness of most trail focused shoes.

photo 2photo 4

The BOCO AT is the perfect shoe for winter weather running. It is designed for all-weather running with water resistant uppers that are surprisingly pliable.

The shoe also comes equipped with traditional trail shoe features:

  • a gusseted tongue
  • a toe guard
  • closed mesh upper to block debris
  • multi-directional traction lugs

One key difference between this Newton offering and others is that the traditional lugs absorb into a multidirectional foam allowing for more stable footing on uneven trails and terrain.

While at 9.6 oz it’s not particularly light, it actually feels lighter than it is. It’s hard to quantify that, but they “feel light”. That speaks to the overall comfort of the shoe, I think.

Having had my first experience with Newton in the Motion – a shoe I had to ease my way into after traditional running shoes – the Boco AT is an easy shoe to run in, even for those new to the brand and “natural running”.

photo 5

The BOCO AT, after just a few weeks, is one of my favorite shoes in the closet. I log only about 25% of my miles on trails, so I’ve put plenty of road miles on the BOCO AT. My opinion: if you can only have one shoe for both road and trail, the BOCO AT is a great choice.

I highly recommend the “Boulder Colorado All Terrain.”

And the Grinch. Merry Christmas!


I love you,


For more info visit:

Retail price: $129

* I was given this shoe for purposes of this review. My opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.