Hunting explained: Deer. Ducks. Turkeys. Chickens? Cows?

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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

A few night ago while picking out a book before bedtime you found this one, Max. It was mine when I was a kid. It was published in 1965 so most likely it also belonged to your Aunts Lisa and Lora and your Uncle Chris before I was born. You’ve been using it for a project at school, Izzy.

“Why is he wearing a deer on his head?,” you asked Max. Kate you stood looking at your brother, as if he knew the right questions to ask about such an image and subject.

“He’s hunting for deer. That’s his camo. That’s how Indians did it, I guess,” I said.

“He got one,” you said. You seemed satisfied with the explanation. Papaw bought you a lifetime  hunting license when you were just 6 months old, so you have lots of curiosity. After a brief silence the wheels began to turn again.

“Does Papaw dress like that when he hunts?” you said.

I laughed. “No silly. You think Papaw takes his shirt off and puts a deer on his head? Papaw wears camoflage. Like a tree.”

Kate, you spoke up: “Why does Papaw hunt animals?”

“Well, to eat them I guess. We only hunt what we’ll eat,” I said. “You don’t hunt things you can’t use.”

“What does he hunt?”

“Deer. Ducks. That’s it I think. Maybe turkeys,” I said.

“You can eat those? What about chickens?” you said. 

“No Kate, we don’t hunt chickens,” I replied. You laughed.

“Cows?” you said, Max. You both laughed.

“Not cows,” I said. “You can’t hunt cows.”

Then the conversation turned to where cow’s milk comes from. This was just one of the random conversations that stuck out in my head this week.

Your mother’s day out program was this week at school. Kate you played the role of “Mary” and Max you had a speaking part. Nana and Papaw came to see you perform again this year. You both did great!

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I’ve been sick more than I’ve been healthy lately, so my training has taken a back seat. I didn’t do much this week, but I start my training for the Country Music marathon on Monday. I also signed up for Toughman Alabama half-ironman this week. That race is August 16.

I love you,

– Daddy


Mon: Ran 4 miles / Lifted weights

Tues: Swam 1000 yards

Wed: sick

Thurs: sick

Fri: Sick

Sat: rest

Sun: planning to run