Altra Zero Drop Provision 1.5 running shoe review

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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Over the last 2 years I’ve frequently told friends about the benefits of zero drop or “natural” running shoes. My first foray into the method came with Altra Instinct 1.5. Other friends had been telling me about how great their experience was with the original Instinct, so I finally gave in and tried them out. 

I logged big miles in my Instinct 1.5.

Then got a pair of the Altra 3-sum for my triathlon season.

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to try out the Altra Provision 1.5, an update on Altra’s original stability shoe, The Provision. 

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The Provision 1.5 hasn’t disappointed. It includes the same features that made the Instinct 1.5 and the 3-sum two of my favorite shoes of all time:

  • Zero mm drop from heel to toe – allowing for a natural gait
  • A wide toe box that allows your toes to spread and grip naturally upon impact 

Here’s how describes the Provision 1.5:


Experience Altra’s all-new Provision™ 1.5 – designed to promote low impact running form while preventing discomfort associated with stability issues and weak foot musculature. The removable stability wedge assists with fallen arches and excessive overpronation. Simply remove the stability wedge to convert this shoe from a moderate stability shoe to a neutral to mild stability shoe. The Zero Drop™ platform provides a high level of natural stability. Plus, with its unique foot-shapedtoe box, toes are allowed to splay naturally to assist in a more powerful push-off and greater comfort on the long run – something other running shoes don’t offer. 

Technical Stuff

  • Ideal Uses: Running, Trail Running, Fitness / Cross Training
  • Designed to Reduce: Shin Splints, Knee Pain, Forefoot Pain, Bunions, Overpronation
  • Platform: Zero Drop™ Platform, Foot-Shaped Design, NRS – Natural Ride System™
  • Weight: 10.5 oz
  • Stack Height: 27mm Medial / 23mm Lateral. 22mm without wedge
  • Midsole: Two-Layer EVA / AltraBound™
  • Outsole: Blown Rubber FootPod™
  • Insole: (2) Molded Support, Stability Wedge

The big difference between The Provision 1.5 and the other two Altra models I’ve used is the removeable stability wedge. That feature allows new converts to natural running or severe overpronators to add stability to their run. 

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I’ve found that the more I’ve run in Altras the stronger my feet, ankles, and legs have become. Years ago I considered myself and was told my local running stores that I was a severe overpronator and needed motion control shoes. Now I can wear the most minimal of shoes. Altra played a big part in getting me here.

I’ve run in the Provision 1.5 both with the Stability Wedge and without. Both provide a great running experience. The Provision 1.5 feels more like the Instinct 1.5 without the wedge – and provides slightly more stability with.

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Another feature I love about Altra is the softness of the sock liner. This is a great shoe for sockless running if that’s your thing. The uppers are also exceptionally soft. I’ve always commented to friends that putting on a pair of Altras is like putting on a pair of your favorite house-shoes and being able to run in them.

I highly recommend The Provision 1.5 to anyone looking to take up natural and zero-drop running. 

I love you,

– Daddy

* I was given this shoe for purposes of this review. I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review. My opinions are my own.