The Welcome Home Routine


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Tonight when I came home you three were sitting on the couch together. Scowls all around. Sometimes you 3 meet me at the door or even in the driveway. But not tonight.

“They’re all yours!” said Mommy. That’s not an unusual statement when I get home. 4 to 7pm has always been a difficult time of day. You three always seem to have had enough of each other by then or you’ve reached critical mass for destruction and volume production. One or the other.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

Everyone’s voice at once.


Whining. Yelling. Tears.

Finger pointing.

Bared teeth.

A swat towards Max’s face.


A 5 year old’s roar.


I intervened. Issued warnings. Assured you of my seriousness.

“Be nice to each other,” I said.

More blaming. I separated you.

I walked over to mommy in the kitchen. We paused inches apart as we sometimes do. We both leaned towards one another and rested our foreheads on each others shoulders. No hug. Just leaning on each other. Eyes closed.

We both let out a long sigh.

“Welcome home,” said Mommy.

I smiled as you kicked me in the shin, Max. I grabbed you and wrestled you down. I let you feel my strength for a second. You laughed and growled at me.

I hugged you and asked how school was, Izzy.


I bent down to kiss you on the cheek, Kate. You brushed my cheek with your hand feeling my chin stubble as you smiled.

Welcome home indeed. My favorite time of day. Our family settled into our evening routine. The grumbling over for the time being.

I love you,

– Daddy


waiting for another week to start training to make sure my body is recovered from the flu. There is no rush this season back to training with my A-race not coming until Mid August (Toughman Alabama half-iron). I plan to start back to normal activity next week.