The road is never as long as it seems



Dear Izzy, Max, and  Kate,

The picture above is from my very first triathlon in 2002.

This morning during my swim it occurred to me that my fitness and my success are both a matter of perspective.

I’ve told people over the last few weeks that I’m farther out of shape than I’ve been in a decade. There’s some truth to that. Combine a knee that I’ve come to believe will eventually need surgery (injured back in June) and several bouts of illness (including the flu) – and I haven’t exactly been at my strongest physically in a long while.

But this morning while I was swimming I realized that I’ve now been exercising again for 3 solid weeks: 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 3 runs per week. Granted the swims are all around 1000 yards, the bike rides are 20 miles or less, and the farthest I’ve run is 6 miles. When measured against 3000 yards swims, 70 mile rides, and 14 mile runs I’m indeed “out of shape”. But the truth is, a lot of people would be proud and consider themselves successful if they were logging 7 short workouts a week like I’m doing now. I was doing less when I “trained” for that first triathlon.

It’s a matter of perspective. I’m out of shape relative to what? And to who? And exactly how far away am I from the mark I’m measuring myself against? This picture is from just 3 years later. I came a long way in a relatively short time:


Life is different now than it was a year again today. It’s more fulfilling. Even if my workouts are shorter and I sometimes worry about my knee.

A few days ago an image of you 3 kids sitting on the couch together covered up with a blanket and mommy fixing your breakfast popped into my head while I was driving to work. I realized how lucky I am and that I have everything. Kids who think I’m the strongest and smartest man on earth, a wife who loves me “always and forever” and believes in me, and a body that is strong enough – and still willing to put in 7 workouts a week. A desire to strive for greater things. And a mind and heart that’s more tuned into God’s voice than ever before.

I’ve been sowing seeds for 6 months at work. Now I’m harvesting some of that hard work – but still sowing. 

I’m doing the same with my fitness. Doing what I can. Reminding myself that when the weather warms up I’ll do a little more – or at least the what I can. Because the road isn’t as long as it seems right now.

I love you,

– Daddy


Sat: Biked 80 minutes

Sun: Ran 1 (started raining)

Mon: Ran 5

Tues: Swam 1200

Wed: none

Thurs: Ran 3

Fri: Swam 1200 / Bike 45 minutes