Crayon Time!

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

The small moments that make up the big picture have always been the most important to our family; dinner around the table at night, family walks to the playground, trips to the beach, pancakes or donuts on the weekends, etc.

Recently we’ve started a new sort of tradition at home on Saturday mornings. Mommy usually teaches swim lessons on Saturday morning, so you kids and I are at home alone. Things get crazy quickly with you 3. One Saturday, desperate to get you all in one place and still ,I threw several sheets of paper and some crayons on the table and begged you to “just sit down for a few minutes and draw.” I hoped it might stall you long enough for me to accomplish some task.

Since that morning we’ve spent several more Saturday mornings at our table, laughing, drawing, and talking. I call it Saturday morning Crayon Time.

You usually pick the subject and watch while I do a quick sketchy version of whatever subject you select for me. You love the faces I make while I draw. I scribble away while you ask what I’m drawing.  As the image forms you get more and more excited! Then you 3 start your own versions. You also usually end up adding to mine as well.

I hope someday you’ll pass along the importance of creativity and family time to your kids.

I love you,

– Daddy

Here are a few of my drawing for you from the past few weeks.








Fri: Biked 1:00

Sat: Bike 1:30

Sun: None

Mon: Ran 6 at 7:44 avg. / Swam 1000