How to make friends and influence kids at Chick-fil-a


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I met you and Mommy for lunch at Chick-Fila today, Kate. Izzy was at school. Max was at mothers day out, but you got to spend the day with Mommy.

You played on the playground while Mommy and I sat and talked.

As always you were a whirlwind of bouncing curls and awkward hops, jumps, and poses. The hippy kid in all your glory.

A few nights ago you scolded Izzy at dinner – while holding up a peace sign – in your best Cheech and Chong voice.

“We don’t eat other people’s cookies. Ok?”

Today you periodically came over to us and told us that two kids were being mean to you on the playground. We told you to avoid them or to be nice to them and make friends. We had already witnessed you reminding them that you’re 5 and they’re 4 as you laughed and pointed at them.

When it was time to leave I called for you to come down the slide. The two kids in question were already at the bottom.

I don’t condone what happened next. And I should be clear that you got scolded and clearly told that your actions were wrong.

But our strong willed, miracle, defiant Kate…you got nose to nose with them, smiled, and from the side of your precious little mouth spoke:

“So long, losers.”

And with a smile and a bounce of curls you sat to put on your cowgirl boots to leave.

No one messes with Kate.

I love you,

– Daddy