Happy 15th anniversary



We met 16 years ago today. And 1 year later, we married.

And today, Karen, I love you more than I did yesterday, and more than the day before, and the week, month, and year before.

You’ve given me meaning. And while life isn’t exactly as we pictured it on those long nights when we sat up talking, it’s still beautiful and full of possibility. We’re just beginning.

From the 21 year old blonde in the mustang with her hair in pigtailed braids who assured me that it was okay to be just me – to the mother of my 3 precious children who has surrendered most about yourself to continue allowing me to be just me. I love you for that.

For willingly lying in a hospital bed for 10 weeks and nearly losing your life for our children. I love you for that.

For your faith in me – no matter how lost and defeated I’ve felt at times over these 16 years. I love you for that.

For your belief that marriage is sacred and something worth holding on to through good and bad times. I love you for that.

For giving my life meaning here on Earth, in this temporary place. I love you for that.

Karen, thank you for rescuing me from a dark and lost world where a man like me could be lost and drifting endlessly towards a bitter and lonely end without ever knowing the truth about life.

That life and the truth, as described by Viktor Frankl, is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire. The best reflection of the “greatest of these: love”.

For giving me the truth about life. I love you for that.


Happy 15th anniversary Karen Ann.

I love you,

– Chad

ps. It’s worth a look back at this letter I wrote to you 2 years ago on our anniversary.