Before the Day tries to steal away and leave us behind.

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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Summer is a ride through quiet streets in Papaw’s convertible.

climbing trees.

kate tree

Making homemade icecream on the driveway

and smores on the backporch.

Playing outside past dark with your friends. 


Eating a peach.

Running through the sprinkler and staying in your bathing suit all day


2 trips to the beach

and the wonder they create


Swim meets that last all day

Long bike rides far from the suburbs

Long runs as the sun slowly creeps above the horizon

Jumping in the pool with your shoes on

Banana popsicles dripping

Sweet tea sipping

Day dreaming about old times when we lived on the island

Sitting under the trees in our front yard

watching you play – amazed at it all.

Feet in the creek. The rush and swirl around your ankles.


the glistening drift of it carrying leaf boats away.

Watermelon seeds. Bob Marley and Jack Johnson.

A Jimmy Buffett concert on the drive-in theater big screen, 

sitting on the tailgate eating corndogs and cotton candy.

photo (58)

I want to be there before the day
Tries to steal away and leave us behind;
I’ve made up my mind;

– Tin Cup Chalice (Jimmy Buffett)

I love you,

– Daddy

TRAINING: (recovery week)

Mon: REst

Tues: Swam 2100

Wed: Swam 1200 / Ran 3.5 miles (2nd half tempo0

Thurs: Ran 3 miles ez

Fri: Biked 17 miles

Sat: Biked 31 miles / Ran 2 miles BRICK

Sun: Ran 8.2 miles