Training partners


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’m training for what will be my 6th half-ironman event since October 2010. By some standards that’s not a lot – by others it’s monumental. For me it feels about right.

I still enjoy triathlon, but it took a couple of  years off in 08 and 09 from racing and then returning to it with a new perspective to get excited again.

My training is reaching that familiar point where my body begins to take notice that something is different. This isn’t “exercise” anymore. That volume of training when your little aches and pains flow with you from one work out to the next and the heavy fatigue covers you almost constantly.

I wondered a few days ago why I was feeling so tired. Then it occurred to me that I’m 14 weeks into a 20 week training plan. By this point when training for my first half iron I was hanging on by a thread. But now, going into my 6th effort I almost missed the journey and dismissed the aches and pains and fatigue as something wrong. Strange how even something as abnormal as training for such an event can become a “new norm.”

I’m trying to focus more on everything that’s great about training for these events rather than letting it slip by as just another part of my day.

Last weekend my training volume picked up a bit. Saturday I rode 52 mile and immediately followed with a 3 mile BRICK/Transition run when I got home. I started riding at 5:15am, so you kids had just woken up when I returned from the ride around 8:30. You girls decided you wanted to run with me (Max, you had slept over at with cousin). I did the first two miles alone while Mommy helped you girls get ready.

Then we set off down the trail together. Kate you ran ahead and Izzy and I talked and laughed about how competitive you are – how you float when you run. You’re both great athletes (Max, you are too), but it’s obvious at a young age, Kate, that you will be a runner. I’ve never seen a child run as efficiently and effortlessly as you.

I was tired from the ride, so having such pretty company helped get me through the run.


During the ride my friends and I stopped at Puckett’s Grocery in Leipers Fork to buy some Gatorade (I had a Snickers too). We ran into a local celebrity – TV/Radio weatherman Tim Ross. He was out riding as well with his wife. Tim is also an artist so he snapped this pic and offered to create a painting (at top of this letter) to remember our chance encounter on a rainy morning at Puckett’s.


I think it’s fantastic. You can see more of Tim’s paintings – most of them middle Tennessee themed – on his website

I love you,

– Daddy

ps. I got these new massagers from MOJI this week!



They’ve been great for my tired feet and muscles. I’ll post a review soon. I also got two new flavors of GU: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Salted Watermelon. I can’t wait to try both during my long ride tomorrow.

Saturday: rode 52 miles / Ran 3 miles BRICK

Sunday: Ran 11 miles

Monday: rest

Tuesday: Swam 2100

Wednesday: rode 17 miles

Thursday: Ran 4 miles / Swam 1000 COMBO

Friday: 55-60 mile ride planned

Sat: 12-13 mile run planned