The First day of Kindergarten and continuing the journey


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

It came and went so fast. And for the nearly 6 years leading up to it I wondered what the moment might feel like.

The truth is, while I’m an emotional dad (obviously), it wasn’t that hard.

We took you two little ones to your first day of Kindergarten this week. You were excited to walk to school with your big sister and mommy and daddy. Kate we took you to your class first. You had no problem going right in and making yourself comfortable. For you, it’s just another place to rule the roost.

Max, your class is right across the hall from Kate’s. You were a little more reserved and unsure and you stuck a little closer to my side. I sat you down and whispered in your ear: “Max, you’re a big strong boy. You’re smart. You’re a good boy. You’re a brave dude. And you’re going to have so much fun.” 

You smiled and nodded your head and started coloring. My eyes teared up for just a second – I managed to swallow the rest of my tears – to my surprise. I thought I’d be a mess – images of my sick preemies holding me hostage – but it wasn’t that way at all. I was just proud of all of us: Mommy, Izzy, Max, Kate, and myself.  We’re still on the journey. It’s been hard sometimes, but mostly its been beautiful.


It wasn’t that hard. Crossing the precipice and taking the next step in the long journey.

This morning, after walking you to school, I came home to pack my bag for Toughman Alabama half ironman down in Pell City, AL. I cranked up some early 90’s grunge, remembered being 18 and invincible, and got my game face on. 

The forecast for tomorrow is 95 degrees and sunny, so there’s no way around the fact that it’s going to be a tough day. The old saying goes “if triathlon were easy, everyone would do it.” 

Tomorrow morning at 6:42am my wave/age group will hit the water and I’ll both start and conclude another life adventure. 

Never stop looking for adventure and new journeys in your lives. 

I’m so proud of all 3 of you: two kindergartners and a big 5th grader.

sharing a laugh with my swimmer kid upon mommy discovering yet another enormous hair growing from my  ear. 40 isn't pretty, but I'm trying :)

sharing a laugh with my swimmer kid upon mommy discovering yet another enormous hair growing from my ear. 40 isn’t pretty, but I’m trying 🙂

Thinking cool thoughts for tomorrow. I love you,

–  Daddy

thanks to the companies who continue to support my journey through triathlon, marriage, and parenting: Pearl Izumi, String Strong, Mizuno, Rudy Project, Gu, Swiftwick, XX2i Optics, and Team Magic Racing and many others.