GU Brew’s new formula reviewed

GU Brew

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

One thing I’ve struggled with over the years is finding the right ratio of endurance sports drinks to gels to solid foods during my racing. Before switching almost exclusively to GU Energy products I failed often at striking that balance. 

Once in a half iron race I took too much highly concentrated drink with too much highly sweetened gel. Towards the end of the 56 mile ride my stomach was already starting to grumble. A half mile into the run my stomach rebelled completely. It seized up in cramps that reduced me to walking right at the beginning of the half marathon. That was miserable lesson in too much sugar being a bad thing on a hot race day.

Since switching over to GU gels, drink mixes, along with GU’s Roctane line of products I haven’t had those nutritional melt downs. I have occasionally struggled with what GU calls “flavor fatigue” during long training sessions and racing though. 

GU met that problem head on by reformulating their flagship line of GU Brew drink mixes. The new, lighter-flavored Brew serves as a counterpoint to one of GU’s other drinks, Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink, which has a higher carbohydrate concentration and additional amino acids.

The new flavors include caffeinated Lemon Tea, Watermelon, Tastefully Nude and Blueberry Pomegranate, which has twice the regular sodium content of the other flavors for hotter days. 

The new formulation is meant to be used in conjunction with GU’s line of gels and Chomps. 

I recently tested out a couple of the new flavors with excellent results. I used the Watermelon flavor first because I’m a sucker for anything watermelon flavored. It got me through a long ride with plenty of energy as it stills delivers a lighter blend of carbs along with the products focus on electrolytes. 

Next I tried out the Lemon Tea flavor which has 20mg of caffeine added to the mix. I used this flavor on a humid 13 mile training run in conjunction with GU’s new Rootbeer flavored gels. Again, no stomach issues, plenty of energy -with a extra subtle kick from the caffeine. Most importantly, the new GU Brew played nicely with the GU energy gel.

I also found the reformulation to be a little less “fizzy” than the original.

I’m a huge fan of the subtle taste of the new products. These will remain a staple in my training and racing nutrition strategy.

Find more detailed info on GU’s website HERE.

I love you,

– Daddy

ps. I also recently had a chance to try out a few new GU Energy Gel flavors, including: Rootbeer, Lemonade, and Salted Watermelon. Yum on all accounts.

*these products were given to me for purposes of this review. I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review. My opinions are my own.