Happy 6th Birthday Max and Kate!


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’ve told people often over the years that I never really saw God in my life until I first saw you Izzy. I believed long before that, but in an unseen and unheard sort of way. Seeing my child changed that forever – and I’ve never doubted since.

Max and Kate, your journey to our arms is the still the most helpless, vulnerable, and frightening experience of my life. I wrote about it last year on your birthday – and about each of you. Go back and read that HERE.


I learned a lot of things from that experience, but among them is that we are far stronger than we can ever imagine in the face of adversity and potential disaster. I also learned that my own flesh is far too weak to handle those moments though. True strength comes from surrender and Faith.

We have a picture of the two of you framed at the top of our stairs at home in a frame that reads Angels Danced on the Day you Were Born. I see it everyday when I wake up. And I’ll never forget how God showed me to trust in Him even when things seem hopeless and especially when I feel helpless. I believe with my whole heart that Angels did indeed celebrate when you two were brought into our lives. Our family needed you.


You kids all bring joy to my life on a daily basis. It’s the songs and dances, the drawings of super heroes and puppy dogs, the play doh smushed into the furniture, the paint handprints on the kitchen chairs, the army man vs. pirate battles, the quirkiness of each your personalities, and more than anything the strength I see in each of you.

Kate, the free spirited fighter. She is small, but she is mighty describes you. You fought at death’s door more than once, and while you appeared frail, sick, and tiny, the doctors shrugged their shoulders at your unusual strength and resilience. You are a fighter. You bring smiles to people’s faces, because everyone you meet wishes they could be as comfortable in their own skin as Baby Kate. Myself included.

Max, the protector. You were born 1 minute before your twin sister. Since birth we’ve seen you protect your sister. She only began to get better in the hospital when they moved you into her room with her. You have a sweet spirit, Max. You care about people and want to please others – especially your Mommy and your sisters. On the outside you are a all boy though – rough and tough, with scars to prove it. Covered in dirt. Inclined to working on things. A battler. The tender hearted warrior. Again, like I said last year, I love being your daddy, because you make me feel like I’m good enough.


Izzy, there has never been a better big sister. You were the baby for 5 years – and got lots of attention. You’ve never shown an once of jealousy over your brother and sister. You’ve taught them school. Taken care of them. And continued to grow into a shining example of everything we want all 3 of you to be: academically excellent, athletic, and most importantly guided by Faith. Always remember that we loved you first, and still just as much, and you showed us the way back to God, Faith, and the strength to see Max and Kate’s journey to our family. 


Happy 6th birthday Max and Kate. We love you so much. 

I love you

– Daddy