Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We sat in the chair together, Max

beside the just decorated Christmas tree, watching movies.

You ate a popsicle – and then leftover tater-tots from lunch, your knees pulled up to your chest.

I sipped coffee and stretched my tired legs out on the ottoman and thought about the miles.

– All the miles that pass while training for a marathon. All the miles in the predawn hours. All the miles and the hours and the dreams I come up about our life while I’m out running.

I think about the way my legs feel at night when I try to fall asleep.

You wiggled, tucked your shoulder in beneath mine. Breathed out heavily, maybe a little bored stuck inside the house with your dad while your sisters played with friends. I think about the slowness of sitting with my boy and that timeless perfect pace I can’t stop or control.

The movie’s background noise: Harry Potter fought a dragon. I wrestled time.

I stared at you while you crunched on the popsicle, the perfect shape of your face.

I love you,

– Daddy


Wed: ran 3 miles

Thurs: thanksgiving

Fri: ran 6 miles

Sat: biked 21 miles

Sun: Ran 12 miles