Memorial Day 2015

memorial day 15

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I promised you that I would eventually get back to writing to you about the day-to-day of our lives. While there isn’t always something profound about our daily life, there is always something worth remembering.

This long Memorial Day weekend we’ve spent a lot of time as a family. Friday night the three of you went to a pool party with several of Izzy’s friends to celebrate 5th grade graduation. I was still struggling with pain and disorientation with my ear and the lingering fatigue attached to the viral infection, so I stayed home and watched an old Bogart film (To Have and Have Not / Hemingway).

Saturday morning we went on a bike ride together and then played at the playground at the school. You played with friends the rest of the day while Mommy did some spring cleaning and I cleaned out the garage to prepare for storing all of the swim team gear. Our family is storing and transporting all of the tents for the meets, coolers, ribbons, etc. That evening we went to the grand opening of the new splash pad in town. They had live music, food trucks, and bounce houses. You kids played in the fountains, on the playground and then danced until you were completely spent. Max, you always lead the way when it comes to dancing. It’s a completely unexpected talent, but you love dancing and always make people smile. I love the look on the singers face – paying respect to your moves.


We packed a picnic and ate with several of our neighbors. We stayed late and watched Big Hero 6 outside on the giant inflatable movie screen. You two little ones were asleep in Mommy’s lap half way through. I sat in the dark of our small town, surrounded by my family and neighbors, dressed in shorts and a hoodie and thought about how lucky we are.

Sunday we did a family tie-dye project in the backyard. The project took just a small amount of money – but most of our day. I think we’ll make the Memorial Day weekend tie-dyes an annual event to kick off the summer.

tie dye with kate

tie dye with iz

tie dye kate iz

We capped the evening with burgers on the grill, watermelon, and Grateful Dead tunes blaring across our backyard.

By yesterday evening you were tired, Max, and so you settled in on the front porch with my old Marvel Masterworks Spiderman collection. You read it over and over and it brings me a lot of happiness to see you pour over those same pages that captivated me as a boy.

max marvel

Before passing out you caught fireflies in the front yard beneath the trees.

The weekend was simple. Inexpensive for us.

But certainly not cheap.

Today, on Memorial Day I’m grateful for your Papaw and Grandfather who both served in Vietnam, for my military friends Bo, Michael, and Kevin, and for all of the veterans who made and continue to make it possible for our little family, tucked away safely in a small Tennessee community to experience the simple and inexpensive joy of ordinary life.

dad and kids

I love you,


TRAINING: Still none. My ear is blocked and my hearing is still affected. I’m go back to the doctor on Thursday to determine the extent of my hearing loss.