Our Life: A Smiling Skeleton with a Lightsaber

kate skeleton with a lightsaber

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Mommy texted me the picture of you wearing the skeleton suit and wielding Darth Vader’s (your favorite character) light saber a few days ago. To the uninitiated such a combination may seem out of the ordinary. But in our house, and especially with you Kate, it makes perfect sense. 

Of course a tiny skeleton with big pretty eyes and curly hair would fight with a light saber – while barking/howling like a dog. That’s you Kate. In many ways, that’s our life. 

It doesn’t always make sense. 

In fact, it seldom does to most people, I think. Our little family unit comes first. Always. That’s not easy to accomplish in today’s world of rising costs and lifestyle highlight reels being broadcast by the minute via Facebook and Instagram. We’re not immune to it all, but Mommy and I try to keep our life focused on what’s most important in life: time spent and love and laughter shared. We’re a bit out of the ordinary and I hope we stay that way.

I think we’re all a smiling skeleton with a light saber – just like you Kate.

So far we’ve spent our summer evenings taking walks to and wading in the creek, having bike races around the school parking lot, playing ball in the front yard, chasing our neighbors escaped chickens, and going to the pool (because swim practice every day just isn’t enough).

ball in the yard

We went to Dr. Hutton’s for the 4th of July again this year – it was our 16th year their big family potluck and fireworks show. You kids love it every year. As with all 4th of July’s, this year required multiple wardrobe changes.


And here’s a little something from the 4th, while driving to the Hutton’s, I like to call “What it’s like to drive a mini-van.”

Bon Jovi – plus Kate’s “Coco treatment” that all songs get.

Over the weekend I took a beautiful ride out to Leipers Fork and back and paused for a moment to take this picture.

ride to leipers

My friends at Outside PR and GU were kind enough to send me plenty of samples of GU’s new stash to fuel my training of late, so I took these along for the ride.

all american flavors for the 4th.

all american flavors for the 4th.

I love you,

– Daddy


Monday: swam 1000 / Biked 17

Tuesday: rest / trip to Nashville Shores

Wednesday: Ran 4.5

Thursday: Biked 17

Friday: Swam 1000 / planned 3 mile run