Why we go back to the Sea (Seagrove 2015)

izzy sunset mood

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Each year I think that perhaps the waves will feel just the same as before.

Like some familiar part of my life that has lost it’s mystery.

Like I will be lost for new emotion when the first gentle  rise of the warm and azure sea covers my feet for the first time in months.

izzy boogie pose

kate waves

kate boogie

max boat

But I’ve learned that the sea is always new. Always a mystery.

Always a blessing in my life

max smile

izzy chair

izzy sunset

max sunset

Late one afternoon the wind rose and the color of the sky changed

and the clear water below turned to silver with foaming edges

3 in the afternoon

where you three quietly fished with nets for small fish and shells, the frantic pace of the day having subsided into late afternoon peacefulness

your mother in the distance gazing down into the water searching for sand dollars and beautiful things.

3 in white laughingizzy beautifulKate beautifulmax handsomeme and karen

And for a moment I stopped and let the strength of the tide rise in me and the coolness of the seabreeze carry me above it all to watch you four with the joy of something that’s always brand new and thrilling.

izzy boogieizzy boogie ride

Thunder rolled far off shore

the wind swept away the heat of the day

for a moment

it all felt like something I’d never seen before.

That’s why we go back to the sea time and again.

I love you,


me beach chair

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