Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3 review

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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Mizuno running shoes have become my favorite brand over the last few years. I’ve raced half ironmans in the Wave Hitogami, logged plenty of long miles in the Wave Rider, and last winter ran a full marathon in my favorite of them all – the Wave Sayonara 2 (I was a big fan of the original as well).

I was excited to try out the new Wave Sayonara 3 when it released this summer. Now after a few months of miles in them I’m happy to report that the latest update doesn’t disappoint.

For me, the Sayonara 3, and it’s predecessors, bridge the gap between the pure speed of the Hitogami and the plush cushioned ride of the Wave Rider. The Sayonara is the most versatile of the Mizuno running shoe fleet/family in my opinion. I log a lot of miles in them, both fast and slow, and also feel comfortable racing both marathon and 5k distance in them.


That’s what you want in most cases – a shoe you can count of for just about every situation (not sure I’d take them on muddy/rocky trails).


The design is consistent with previous models and offers a sleek, low profile, light weight option with plenty of cushion still under foot. The forefoot seems to offer just a little less cushion than previous designs, but not enough difference to change my opinion of the shoe overall.

The Wave Sayonara 3 is another excellent shoe from Mizuno and serves as my “I can only take one pair of shoes on this trip” shoe.

Learn more on Mizuno’s site here.

I love you, Daddy