Twin Encouragement


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I have a friend, fellow triathlete and writer who often serves as an inspiration for me. I was introduced to Bo Parrish by a mutual friend because we shared common goals; since being introduced we’ve stayed in touch to encourage one another. 

Periodically Bo will send me a note after reading one of my blog posts to encourage me. I try to do the same for him.

A couple of weeks ago Bo sent me a note after reading my letter to you about Dan Gable. We exchanged a few messages afterwards with Bo relaying how he’s learned to better appreciate the challenge of twin parenting now that he has his own. His life and approach to triathlon has changed – it’s not bad, it’s just different. I experienced the same change years before.

That same morning I had one of those moments when I remembered that the beautiful moments with twins far outweigh the challenges that come with twins so emailed a little story to Bo whose twins are still babies:

This morning I found mine together in my son’s bed. They’d fallen asleep watching a movie together and had kicked the sheets and blankets off of the bed. Kate gets cold easily; Max on the other hand always sleeps with no covers. When I found them she was curled up beneath him, the best she could manage, to stay warm. He was spread out with his arms around her to keep her warm. You may ask, why didn’t they just put the covers back on the bed….great question. Twins. Don’t try to understand. Just smile and laugh.

Still the most often read and commented on letter I’ve written to you was the parody “9 Ways to Survive Twins 3 Years”. I need to write a follow up letter at some point…maybe “9 more Ways to Keep Your Sanity with Twins”. 

Anyway, just a short letter today – appreciate those who encourage you and find someone you can encourage everyday. You kids give me plenty of experience that I can pass along to other parents of multiples.

I love you,


pss. I registered a while back for Chattanooga Ironman 70.3 next May, but haven’t mentioned it to you yet in any of my recent letters.