Merry Christmas



Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate, 

The front door slammed and I sat upright in the bed as Coco tore down the stairs barking. The fake fireplace on Channel 800 still burned it’s everlasting flame while gentle versions of piano Christmas carols played.

I heard yelling. Mommy groaned.

“Mom and Dad,” you said in unison, “Izzy is home! Can we open our presents from each other now?” 

3 sets of feet rushed up the stairs, all elbows banging on walls, two steps at once. 

“You said! You said!”

I never nap during the day, but Mommy convinced me to lay down for “just a few minutes” while she watched her show. I guess I had fallen asleep on this rainy day before Christmas Eve. I must have been tired from the hours I spent on the couch with you this morning, Kate. We binge watched the entire series of the Great Holiday Baking Show. (I’ve long been addicted to the show’s predecessor The Great British Baking Show). We spent the entire morning curled together; me sipping cool coffee, you stealing sips and wrinkling your nose, Max passing through and commenting on the cakes and cookies, while Izzy visited with a friend who moved away last year who is back in town for Christmas.

I’m bad at relaxing. But today I pulled it off – hours on the couch and a power nap with Mommy; only to be awakened by a slamming door and excited yelling to open your Christmas Eve Eve presents. 

I gave Mommy a final squeeze and said “You said.” 

You opened your gifts a few minutes ago and have each retreated to your own spaces to play quietly in our darkened home. A gentle rain is falling outside, there are candles burning, the tree lit, and cookies on the counter. 

Hark! I hear a fight brewing somewhere in the house just now….wait, problem solved. The Christmas spirit indeed. 

We’ve been busy this month leading up to Christmas. Here’s a recap in pictures. 



Dickens of a Christmas festival in downtown Franklin


We went to the “Elf O’Rama” showing of Elf at the Franklin Theatre with Nana and Papaw


We saw Star Wars!


Western Day during spirit week at school


You swam 3 days at the Meet of Champs, Izzy. Despite not feeling well you set new PR’s in 5 of 7 events.


Breakfast with Santa!

Merry Christmas to all,



Sat: Ran 9

Sun: Biked 30

Mon: Swam 1200 / Ran 30 minutes

Tues: Ran 25 minutes

Wed: Biked 20 miles